You have the ability to define your own set of retention rules for the backup data. You can keep multiple generations, and also define when to auto-archive old data to cheaper storage using  myCloudLYNX BLM.

If your entire server is destroyed, you will have to rebuild an entirely new machine from what we term ‘bare metal’. This is usually a lengthy process, but it can be speeded up in couple of ways. With the myCloudLYNX Backup, you can back up all the data held on a particular Windows server.  This includes data, profiles, registry/system state, service packs, etc. So, to rebuild a new server, you need only install a fresh copy of the same version of the operating system, and then use the myCloudLYNX backup to restore the service packs, applications and data. To speed up the initial installation of the operating system we suggest you use a pre-made Ghost image that you have stored in a safe location.